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Car Sunshade Grande' Jumbo II

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- Pop - Up style and Foldable - Stylish pouch provides easy storage.

Keeps car degrees cooler.

-Perfectly fits most car's windshield.

Fabric Edges Measurement: 177.8cm x 88.9cm/ 70 x 35 inches

-Highest - quality, long wearing polyester (nylon) material.



Ever burnt yourself getting into the car when it's hot and the heat is so sweltering that you can't barely breathe? We've Got the Solution for You!

The X - Shade Car Sunshade is a solar shield that keeps your car cooler by reflecting the sun with its reflective metallic surfaces.

No More Burning Steering Wheels!

Every X - Shade Car Sunshade comes with TWO panels to cover the worst the sun can do to your car! Place them where the sun is the hottest and come back to a cooler car!

How can the X - Shade Car Sunshade help YOU?

• Stop burning your hands on a scorching steering wheel!

• Protect your family from a blistering car seat.

• Keep your car interior cooler, even if it sits in the sun for hours.

• No more heat blasting in the face when you open the car door.

• Keep your car's interior looking good years, prevent fading and cracking.

Best of all, the premium X - Shade Car Sunshade:

• Easily pops open, installs in seconds, safe, and convenient to use!

• Folds-down to 1/10 of original size for compact storage, comes with a stylish pouch!

• Made of premium metallic reflective polyester materials and blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays!

• Our X - Shade Car Sunshade is compact and can be taken anywhere. Don't travel without it!


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