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Tom N, Upstate New York

"This Car Sunshade fits my front windshield of my car just perfectly. It almost seems universal the way it works. It is easy to use to 2 joined circle shades. I think this is a great value for my money. Yesterday it was 85 degrees and I dreaded getting into my hot car. But then I remembereed my new Car Sunshade by X-Shade was in place and I thought it would be a good test. Sure enough, it was cool inside my car even on a hot sunny 85 degree day. I will need to get another one for my other car!! how about you?"

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Julie Clearwater, FL United States

"This is a truly useful, utilitarian item that performs exactly as it's supposed to perform. The sunshade is very lightweight, which is important because of its large surface area, which would make it difficult to handle if it were heavier. When I ordered it, I was concerned that it might be a real hassle to put up on the windshield. But it's not. Because it's so lightweight, it's very easy to just slide it onto the windshield and sort of lock it into place under the mirror and the sunvisors.

This sunshade does exactly what it's supposed to do -- it keeps the heat out. In the hot Florida sun, the car is not scorching hot when we get into it, as it would be without the sunshade. A great product all the way around."

See the original review: http://www.amazon.com/review/RK4IRTE9XHLDX/



Jessica G , San Antonio

"I live in southern Texas and all year round the sun is brutal...it's even more unforgiving if you have leather interior, and not to mention the heat!
The X-Shade Sunshade helps so much with these issues! It's jumbo size covers my WHOLE windshield...PERFECTLY! It was even about 20 degrees cooler when I got into my car that had been parked in the middle of the parking lot in the hot Texas sun for 2 1/2 hours! I would highly recommend this to any car owner! Great Product!"

See the original review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R3GB3HDSQX868X/



Mandrgames Sunriver, OR United States


"I used this jumbo car shade as soon as I got it. Where I live, the sun hits hard, even on the cold days. lol. So I put this in the car and it definitely helped with not heating the seats and giving me a leg burn, haha. But, This is also good for wanting to keep certain things out of sight from the windshield, things in the car. So, I'm also using it for that."

See the original review: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2QBBHVYL27QX8/